Havumetsän Huskyt

 Winter Husky program and prices

Visit at huskies home

You get to meet our dogs and know more about their life. The guide will tell you about how we work and take care of the dogs and you will get to know about the local peoples life.
After the 3km tour with the dogs and the sled, you will enjoy a cup of hot drink togheter with a local snack inside our ”kota”.

Program takes 1h which includes sledding 3km about 15min



Forest path

During the 6km sled dog ride trough the forest you have the chance to me be a musher, driving your own sled. After the tour you have the posibility to cuddle and take pictures with the dogs. In our warm kota hut with a fireplace, you get to enjoy a cup of a hot drink and eat a piece of local snack.

Duration approximately 1h 30 min

85€ / Adult
45€/ Child

Remember to wear warm clothes!

Bookings to email at least 18:00 o’clock day before